A walk from St. Jean de la Blaquiere to Les Salces

I tried to lead this walk in 2015 only to find that the river was blocked just South of Les Salces so we had to turn back.  So fingers crossed for this time.  We shall start out from the main square in St. Jean and follow the Ruisseau de Ste. Marguerite to Les Salces and return via the Bruyeres des Salces.It is an undulating walk over chemins and vineyard paths. The weather is forecast to be dry with some wind and this walk, much of which is through vines and trees is not too exposed. It is between 9 and 10 km so we should arrive back in St. Jean by 1.30 and at Luteva by 2.00. (If necessary it can be shortened.)

The meeting place will be at Luteva at 9:50 for a 10.00 start. For those meeting in the main square in St. Jean, the walk will start at 10.30.


A walk from St. Jean de la Blaquiere

The weather forecast is good for tomorrow so I propose a walk to the south east of St. Jean over easy very minor roads and vineyard chemins with  two short stretches on a busier road. We may also visit the donkeys who provide the asses’ milk for the soap that is made and sold in St. Jean!

Meeting as usual at Luteva at 9.50 for a 10.00 departure and the walk will start from the car park in St. Jean at 10.30.

St. Jean de la Blaquiere

This week’s walk will take us to the north of the village. We shall follow the Ruisseau de la Marguerite crossing it twice and walking a short way along what, in winter, is the river bed. This is a fairly easy walk where once you are by the ruisseau all is calm and peaceful – except for those dogs which are water babies and run in and out of the water1 The walk is just over 3kms. and takes about 1 hour.

For those coming from Lodeve, please meet at Luteva at 8.50 for a 9.00 start. For those meeting in St.Jean, please meeet in the  main square at 9.20.

17 September 2015 – From Saint Jean de la Blaquière along the Marguerite


The plan was to follow the Marguerite north to Les Salces following vineyard tracks, continuing through the village and returning over the Bruyeres. However as the stream before Les Salces was unpassable – the diggers were out in force! – we had to turn back.

Stream againStream

An enjoyable walk anyway through the vineyards

Vineyard pathVines
Leader: Jenny
Distance: 7.28 km
Thanks to Mike for the photos

Details of the route can be found here

20 August 2015 – From St Jean de la Blaquiere

This week’s walk was again around St. Jean de la Blaquière starting from the parking place near to Les Marcassins. We walked up to the dolmen and capitelle and then carried on along the ridge picking up the track lower down and walking back into St. Jean crossing the river where the dogs had a drink and a paddle. We got back to St. Jean in time for the usual refreshments at La Fringale.

Leader: Jenny

6 August 2015 – Around Saint Jean de la Blaquiere

Another short walk for the summer around Saint Jean de la Blaquiere, to the south this time. As it got hotter the dogs were pleased to cool off in the river.

And of course there is always the reward of a refreshing drink afterwards. Lunch in the shade at La Fringale was acceptable too.
lunch time

Leader: Jenny
Distance: 4.3 km

Thanks to Marlene for the photos. We will miss our photographer!
Details of the route can be found here

9 July 2015 – St Jean de la Blaquière

2015-07-09 10-28-27 sA short, circular walk starting from the square in St. Jean de la Blaquière and taking about an hour and a half, allowing time for observing wildlife and views. 2015-07-09 09-42-51 cWe left the village towards the North roughly following the line of the Marguerite. After crossing the river we walked along the ridge and followed the Cartorenque before turning to cross the Marguerite again returning to the village via the Jardins and the Place de l’eglise.

Leader: Jenny

Photos: Andrew