19 March 2015 – From Rabieux to St Guiraud

St Guiraud

Contributed by Ben

We walked up to and along the ridge that starts at Rabieux, passes by le Rocher de la Vierge and eventually up to le plateau. This is one of many migratory routes taken by raptors coming up from Africa. The views were fabulous but we only saw three birds of prey, one of which was definitely identified as a short toed eagle, or snake eagle because that’s what they eat. In French, circaete jean-le-blanc.


On the way down to St Guiraud we came across a tunnel in the hillside buried in the vegetation. Some of us, Les adventurers seen in the photo, plus Dee, decided to take the short cut back through the tunnel….. the two parties actually arrived back at Rabieux at exactly the same time! Quel talent!

There is a lime kiln and a limestone quarry, now abandoned, just near the entrance of the tunnel through the mountain. I presume this was used to transport the lime to the other side where the access was less precipitous.

Note: The ascent can be challenging, so having reached the top there are 2 options – either to return directly down the ridge or to explore the ridge and return via another track.