24 September 2015 – From Lunas to Laval de Nize

Laval de Nize chapel

A peaceful sunny there and back walk for a Thursday morning, following the minor road from Lunas to Laval de Nize. The chapel at Laval de Nize is by the stream – an ideal place for a summer picnic.

On the way we passed the Fontaine des Yeux. The water there is said to be good for the eyes, the idea being to dip your handkerchief in the water and then leave it hanging there. Unfortunately we only had tissues.
Chapelle des Yeux


Leader: Celia
Distance: 9 km

Details of the walk can be found here

Lavel de Nize is at the start of another walk which follows the Nize and climbs up through the forest, returning by the village of Briandes. To be done when there is less water about!