12 March 2015 – Walk around the red earth near St.Jean de la Blaquière


Pam organised this Thursday’s walk for us. The walk was led by Philippe Martin and we walked together with the St Etienne walking group. We walked around the red earth (ruffes) near St Jean de la Blaquiere and he told us about the geology of the area, the plants and the animals who live there. We started with a group of around 20 people

Philippe had warned us the walk had two difficult parts in it, which we soon found out! But after he told us a women of 85 had climbed that hill recently, we were all convinced we were able to give it a try. We all made it, but my legs – and probably other peoples’ legs too – , were a bit shaky afterwards.

The area we walked in was beautiful and Philippe told us some interesting things about its history. A long time ago (some 450 millions of years ago) the climate here was hot and dry. And burned the soil, which gave it the special red colour.

The next two photos show us the difficult part of the walk. We had to climb a steep hill on a loose surface. But on hands and foot we all made it to the top of the hill.

Before the climb.

IMG_6539 (1)
After the climb.

Philippe left our group now and then to search for special plants or animals. He even found a scorpion, which he caught by the tail, so that the scorpion could not sting him.

IMG_6543 (1)

On the way back we walked through the bushes with a beautiful view into the hills of the area around St.Jean de la Blaquière.


Around half past one we were back at the cars. It was a nice, sometimes rather difficult, walk.