Autumn Walks – Opportunity

Now that autumn has definitively arrived it is time to start preparing a schedule of walks that we want to undertake. This is an opportunity for everyone to make suggestions for walks that they would like to do, or to propose their favourite walks for others to share.

To make a suggestion (or other remark) please e-mail me directly or make a Comment on this blog post. Over the next few weeks we will build up a list of likely walks for the next few months, and while we already have many ideas (including walks that we have done before) it is always good to have new suggestions. This is particularly true if you feel that the group misses out on some part or aspect of the local area that you would like to explore further.



Opportunity – Suggest a Walk

We have been walking together in this group for more than five years (since Phyl first suggested it in 2010), and this Blog (set up by Celia) has been operating for over a year. We have 32 registered readers, and the walks are usually well-attended – 18 people and 3 dogs for the last one.

Many people have contributed or suggested walks over the years, but recently most suggestions have come from me or from Celia. Celia has now decided to withdraw from the group, at least for the time being, so we need some more input for suggesting and/or organising walks. Some people have already offered suggestions, and we do have a list of potential walks (many repeats of previous walks, and some new ones), but more are always needed.

This is an opportunity! People often say to me how much they enjoy discovering new walks with the group. Now is the time for you to allow the rest of the group to discover your favorite walk(s)! You can send suggestions to my e-mail address or by adding a Comment to this post.

Please don’t hold back – suggesting a walk does not mean that you have to lead it, though that is always an option, as is editing the announcements and write-ups on this blog.