31 March 2016 – Octon to Salagou

2016-03-31 12-34-15This is a circular walk from Octon over to Lake Salagou. The walk is generally flat, about 7km, and all on tracks and quiet roads. There are often some water birds of interest at the lake, so bring your binoculars.

Leader: Andrew

Distance: 7km


26 February 2015 From Octon to Notre Dame de Roubignac

Starting from Octon, we followed the yellow waymarks out of the village and past the post office, with a slow gradual climb to the top of the hill. We continued along a track passing the Ruines de Louzieres. Some walkers thought they could hear strange noises…

At the half way point we reached the Chapelle of Notre Dame de Roubignac.
The Chapelle was open so we could view the inside, and the choristers amongst us could test the acoustics (more strange noises?)

After a short stop we continued along the track and then headed down quite a difficult and rocky path which crossed the ravine
and climbed fairly steeply up the other side.

We turned left at the top to follow a slow descending track back to Octon,

Track dpwn

with views of the ruines from a distance.

And Notre Dame de Roubignac protected us all.

Distance: 8 km
Time: 3 hours
Thanks to Mike and Véronique for the photos and commentary.