20 June 2019 – Grezac

It is forecast to be cloudy but warm this Thursday, with the likelihood of showers later in the afternoon. So we propose to do a long walk (~ 10 km) from the Cinema up and around Grezac, from which we can cut back to Lodeve of the weather gets too bad.

This is a long and occasionally challenging walk around the bottom of the cliffs above Grezac. It is about 10 km long and climbs about 300 m. We set off along the Chemin des Amoureux, then cut across to Fontbonne, before joining the GR for the ascent to the top of Grezac. We then turn east below the cliffs and skirt round for several km before descending to the road between Grezac and Lauroux, from where we follow various paths back to town. This walk has various options for digressions, including visiting the Oppidum and dinosaur footprints.

About half this walk is on reasonable tracks and roads, but some of the rest can be tricky at times, and there may have been rain overnight, so good shoes and sticks are recommended.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50, ready to depart on foot at 10:00. The walk will take about 4 hours, so with a break for a snack we should be back in Lodeve by 14:30, before the rain starts!

Leader: Andrew
Distance: ~ 10 km, climb ~ 300 m
Bring: Good shoes, good snack.


31 January 2019 – Grezac

The forecast has improved to the extent that it looks as though the rain tomorrow will not arrive until 2 pm. So we will walk from the Cinema in the general direction of the Grezac hill until the rain comes or we have walked enough!

As usual we meet at the Luteva Cinema for a 10:00 start.

11 January 2018 – Grezac

The forecast for this Thursday is uncertain/unsettled, so we propose a local walk, which can easily be cancelled if the weather arrives with more than light drizzle.

This week we will do one of several possible walks up and around the Grezac area of Lodeve. The walk is likely to be about 6 km, and will involve the ascent to the higher areas of the Grezac slopes, at most 200 m of climbing. About half of the walk will be on quiet roads (with some traffic) and half on paths, some of which are stony and some of which are occasionally fairly steep. The views are excellent!

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50, ready to leave, on foot, at 10:00. We should be back at the Cinema by 12:30 at the latest.

20 July 2017 – walk on Grezac

Martin proposes to lead the following local walk this week.

I am planning a walk up the Grezac, direct from the Luteva, along the route entitled “Livre du Lodévois” which is decorated with numerous pretty signs and explanatory pictures.  There are longer and shorter options, and I propose a middling one that takes about two and a half hours if I remember rightly, so we should be back by 12-ish.

Meet outside Luteva at 8.50 as usual, to start ambling upwards at 9.00.


12 May 2016 -Terrasses de Grezac

We now expect the rain to have ceased by dawn on Thursday, so I propose a walk around the heights of Lodeve. This is a relatively short walk that we have done several times before.

We start out up the Fontbonne road, then cut across the lower levels of Grezac, eventually reaching the area of La Solitude. From there we take a narrow footpath (which is under trees so may still be wet) before joining the Rue 8 Mai for the return. The walk is about 5 km, and generally easy, though with a steep section at the beginning.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50, ready to depart on foot at 10:00. The walk should finish by 12:00.

Leader: Andrew

Distance: 5 km

16 July 2015 – Grezac with Butterflies?

The proposal this week is to walk to the upper levels of Grezac (beyond the houses), to the grassy areas where there is a good chance of seeing  a good selection of butterflies.

The total walk is about 7km, and the first 3km is all uphill, climbing (slowly) about 300m, but the forecast is for slightly cooler temperatures and a light breeze, so, starting at 9am, this should be feasible. We will walk from the Luteva, up the Fontbonne road, then joining the GR to the upper levels. From here the return is all level or downhill, including passing a restored capitel.

Please meet as usual at the Luteva Cinema a 8:50, ready for a 9:00 start on foot. We should be back at the Cinema by 12:00.