13 July 2017 – Les Balcons de Lauroux

This is an excellent but hard, all-day walk starting at Lauroux and extending up into the Escandorgue forest. It is officially described as ‘difficile’, 16 km and taking 5 hours.

This walk is in three sections. Firstly, we walk up the valley from Lauroux, passing the Grotte de Labeil, and continuing up the escarpment to the Escandorgue forest, a rise of about 550 m. Parts of this ascent are difficult and a bit scrambly, with some intermediate descents to get past side valleys. Then we walk through the forest in the direction of the Col de Pertus, before starting the descent back to Lauroux. Some of this descent is on good tracks, but other parts are rather steep and stony, and much is rather exposed.

The forecast for Thursday is for full sun, continuing the temperatures of recent days. The walk has some shaded sections, but has other sections in full sun, particularly on the descent.

As usual we shall meet at the Luteva Cinema at 8:50 for departure at 9:00. At Lauroux we will park in the designated Walkers Car Park (just before the village), but the walk itself will start from the main bridge in the village, just after the church, at about 9:30. With a stop for lunch we should be back in Lodeve by 16:30.

Leader: Andrew
Distance: 16 km, difficult, climb ~ 800 m
Bring: Picnic, copious fluids, sun protection, strong shoes




15 June 2017 – Escandorgue Forest

This is a short and fairly easy walk in the (largely shaded) Escandorgue forest.

The forecast for Thursday is for continuing high temperatures, but with increasing wind and some cloud for the afternoon. So we propose a walk in the Escandorgue forest, where there will be a reasonable amount of shade. The walk is about 6 km, all on forest tracks, with ascents and descents throughout.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 08:50 ready to depart at 9:00. We should start the walk at about 9:20, from the parking area at the entrance to the forest, on the D142 just opposite the turning to Roqueredonde. We should be back in Lodeve by 13:00.

Leader: Andrew
Distance: 6 km, ~ 50 m of ascent.
Bring: Sun cream, water.

30 June 2016 – Escandorgue Forest

This week I propose a shady walk in the Escandorgue forest – a walk that we have done often before, with different variations. The walk is about 8km, on good forest tracks, and is mostly flat.

The weather is forecast to be cooler, with the possibility of a shower later in the morning, and little wind.

As we are now in summer mode we will meet at 8:50, outside the Luteva Cinema, ready for departure at 9:00. The walk will start from the forest entrance on the D142 opposite the turning to Roqueredonde, at about 9:30. We should be back in Lodeve by 12:30.

Leader: Andrew
Distance: ~8km
Duration: ~2+ hr

22 October 2015 – Circular walk in the Escandorgue forest

This walk starts at the Col de Pertus and then proceeds along quiet roads to the forest, returning by tracks and footpaths. It is about 7km, and while generally level includes a lot of short ups and downs, particularly on the last section, which is also sometimes rather rocky – slightly more sportiv than our normal walks.

The terrain is very varied, including quiet roads, forest tracks, and footpaths through forests, across meadows and on sandy paths between chaotic rocks. Towards the end there are spectacular views, into the Lauroux valley, into the Les Plans valley, and right out to Pic St. Loup and even the sea on a clear day.


11 June 2015 – Escandorgue from Labeil


A circular walk starting at the Grotte de Labeil, on the road up to the plateau beyond Lauroux – a walk that we did in March 2014. A lot of the walk was on open tracks through the Escandorgue beech (hêtre) forest, but some was along narrow but well-maintained paths through the woods and under the escarpment cliffs, and the first part of this was steep and rocky, though always secure underfoot.
En route: views over the plain towards the sea, and some interesting rock collections/formations (dinosaur feet?)
dinosaur feet

What is this?

Distance: 5 km
Waymarked (but there are lots of waymarked walks in this area)
Leader: Andrew
Thanks to Marlene for the photos