14 January 2016 – Aniane to St Sylvestre des Brousses


Through vineyards and olive groves, past the Canal de Gignac, to the 12th century chapel of Saint Sylvestre des Brousses, with good views over the surrounding countryside, the walk is mainly on paths and tracks, with a slight climb to the chapel.

To get to the start of this walk – on entering Aniane take the D27 North and park near Restaurant La Terrasse on the small industrial estate a few hundred metres from the centre.

Distance: 8 km

Leader: Celia (and thanks Andrew for the last bit)


1 October 2015 – From Aniane to Saint Sylvestre des Brousses


Another sunny walk through vineyards and olive trees to the 12th century chapel of Saint Sylvestre des Brousses, with good views over the surrounding countryside.

olive trees

The route passes over the Canal de Gignac.

We passed an interesting mas with a mangeoire which could be useful for Martine when she has moved to her new apartment.

view from mas

We returned through the vineyards. There are many possibilities for walks to do in this area – eg to the Pont de Diable, Puechabon, St Jean de Fos.


Distance: 8 km
Leader: Celia

Details of the walk can be found here

26 February 2015 From Octon to Notre Dame de Roubignac

Starting from Octon, we followed the yellow waymarks out of the village and past the post office, with a slow gradual climb to the top of the hill. We continued along a track passing the Ruines de Louzieres. Some walkers thought they could hear strange noises…

At the half way point we reached the Chapelle of Notre Dame de Roubignac.
The Chapelle was open so we could view the inside, and the choristers amongst us could test the acoustics (more strange noises?)

After a short stop we continued along the track and then headed down quite a difficult and rocky path which crossed the ravine
and climbed fairly steeply up the other side.

We turned left at the top to follow a slow descending track back to Octon,

Track dpwn

with views of the ruines from a distance.

And Notre Dame de Roubignac protected us all.

Distance: 8 km
Time: 3 hours
Thanks to Mike and Véronique for the photos and commentary.

15 January 2015 – Round the vineyards near Lagamas

Lagamas église
When we arrived at the church at Lagamas we were fortunate to meet a man who had a key and gave us a history of the church. Our walk took us on paths and tracks through vineyards. En route we saw an aqueduct (does anyone have a photo?) and the chapel of Notre Dame de la Garrigue.

Vineyard view
But of course one of the attractions of a walk is to chat with your fellow walkers.

Mike et al
And bright colours are recommended.
Colourful walkers
Source of walk:
Autour de Montpellier; balades pour petits et grands
Godon, Alain et Bringer-Chaudesaygues.Libris 2005.
Lagamas map
Leader: Celia
Distance: 6 km