24 August 2017 – Chapelle St. Vincent

IMG_6637To restart the regular walks after all our summer diversions, I suggest an easy walk on the plateau. The forecast for Thursday is for a continuation of the current weather, quite windy, not too hot, and with some occasional cloud. The walk is gently uphill, on good paths, rising eventually to the ruins of Chapelle St. Vincent, on the top of a small hill from which there are good views across the plateau and the Herault valley. We then return by the same path.

The walk starts at Camp Rouch and is about 4 km long. Various extensions are possible if people want to walk for longer. The high point of the walk is about 100 m higher than the start, but there are no steep climbs.

As usual we shall meet at the Luteva Cinema at 8:50, ready to leave at 9:00. The walk should start from Camp Rouch (which is at the end of the D155E2, accessed from Le Caylar or St Felix de l’Heras) at about 9:40.

Leader: Andrew
Distance: 4 km or more



2 April 2015 Walk from Camp Rouch, between Soubes and le Caylar

Starting from Camp Rouch, our group of around ten people. followed an easy path, slightly ascending. For the first half hour we wandered through open fields and it was really cold. The temperature was 4 degrees Celsius, but it felt even colder because it was windy and the sun was hidden behind heavy clouds. After a while we came to a path shaded by trees, so we had less wind, and that was a lot more comfortable.


Walking in the open field: bbbrrrrrr.

We carried on slowly upwards and waited a while until the group was complete again. The doggies got some water.


When we arrived at the top of the hill we saw the ruined Chapelle St.Vincent with  an old cisterne at the back.



The ruined Chapelle St.Vincent on the top of the hill on 826 m.

From the summit there was a beautiful 360° view, especially over the valley of Pégairolles de l’Escalette and far behind it. We were even able to see the Lac de Salagou in the far distance.


Around this time the sun started to shine, which made it a lot more comfortable. From the summit we descended again. We saw some early wild flowers, which are beautiful. Sorry, I do not know the name of the flowers.


Small, but lovely little flowers.

The way back was sunny and an easy descent. Around 13:00 hours we were back at the cars.


Leader: Andrew
Contributor: Dorine
Distance: 6.5 km
See part of the walk on google maps