10 November 2016 – Aniane vineyards

An easy walk in the vineyards between Aniane and Gignac.

Ruisseau de GassacThis is a circular walk starting at Aniane, all on country roads, mostly very quiet and in good condition. The first part is flat, and there are gentle ups and downs after that, with good views across the upper Hérault valley to the Pont du Diable. The half-way point is at the valley of the ruisseau de Gassac, by the Domaine Gassac-Daumas, and the Chateau de Capion. Parts of the walk are rather exposed, so come prepared for wind. The total distance is about 9.5km.

As usual we shall meet at the Luteva cinema at 9:50 and depart at 10:00. The walk will start from the parking area behind the Boulangerie on the way into Aniane (the same place as the last walk from the town – turn right at the Stop line as you approach the town). We should set off from there at about 10:30, and be back in Lodeve by 14:00.2016-11-10-12-39-27

Leader: Andrew
Distance: 9.5km


22 September 2016 – Aniane Railway

Circular walk from Aniane, combining disused railway and Grande Randonnée

Aniane TunnelThis week we propose a repeat of a walk that we did in June last year (when it was very hot). About half the walk is along the old railway line that used to run from Montpellier to Aniane and then on to Gignac, and the rest is on the GR that goes from Aniane to Montarnaud (and then on to Montpellier). This forms a circuit around the hill of La Lauze, which has the Aniane astronomical observatory on top. The walk is about 9km.

The walk is mostly flat and on good tracks, though a short part of the GR section is more steep and stony. There is a gentle climb out of Aniane, and overall the route rises about 150m. The railway part includes an old tunnel with no illumination, which is completely dark at the mid-point, so do bring a torch.

As usual we will meet at 9:50 at the Luteva Cinema in Lodeve, ready for departure at 10:00. Thursday is Market Day in Aniane, so parking in the centre is not possible. Instead, we will park behind the boulangerie which is a large detached building on the right before you get into the main part of the town (after the roundabout, turn right at the Stop line, then park on the left). We should start the walk from here at about 10:50, and be back in Lodeve by 14:00 (so bring a snack).

Leader: Andrew
Distance: 9km
Bring: Torch, snack

25 June 2015 – Aniane Railway

tunnel exit

Continuing our investigations of former railway tracks in the area, we left Aniane by the GR 653 and returned along the old railway line which used to be the route from Gignac to Montpellier.

The route took us through a railway tunnel. As we approached it we heard the roar of something approaching. Could this be a train? But no; it was a car!


As the track curves inside the tunnel it was completely dark in the middle and we needed torches. But in the end there was light at the end of the tunnel…

The walk started in Aniane and did a circuit around the hill of La Lauze.


It was mostly on country roads and tracks and was mostly quite level and open, though there was one section of about 1km which was a footpath through woods, with one short part which was a rather steep and stony descent.

On our return to Aniane we took a short tour before heading back to Lodeve.

Aniane arch

Aniane street
Aniane fountain

Distance: 7km

Leader: Andrew