15 March 2018 – No walk

The forecast is bad for this week, but, anyway, none of the usual leaders is available to choose a walk, so – no walk.



Walk near Mérifons

This week we plan a walk near Mérifons/Mas Canet. The walk is about 7,5 km on mostly flat roads. We will also have to walk a bit on a road with an occasional car passing us. The weather forecast says there will be a good chance of rain. In that case the walk will be postponed to the following week.

The area where we will walk is quite open, so the wind can blow freely. Be prepared to wear warm clothing.

We will meet at 9:50h at Luteva to leave at 10:00h. In case you want to go directly you can park just outside Malavieille (coming from the direction of Octon) at the junction of the D8E3 and the D8E4.

Marianne and Dorine

16th of November: walk from Belbézé uphill.

This week we will have a walk from Belbézé uphill, will pass La Défriche (Villecun) and walk down to Lodève and back again to Belbézé. We did this walk already a few times. The climb is a bit steep, but after that climb we will walk on flat paths and the path to Lodève is gradually going down. After the walk we can have a drink and a little snack at our  (Dorine and Menno) house if you like. Unfortunately I can’t offer you a lunch this time, because I have an appointment at 2 o’clock.

We will meet at Luteva at 9:50h for a 10:00h départ. We will park the cars at Dorine’s house and départ from there.


28 September 2017 – Circular walk from Rabejac.

This week we will have a rather easy walk which starts in Rabejac. We start in this little village/hameau where you can park near the tenniscourt. Which you can see at your left hand side when entering the village. The walk is relatively flat except for a slow but steady climb.  

This walk is almost all on good foodpaths and will go from Rabejac via le Mas Delon back to Rabejac again. We will have beautiful views on the lake Salagou. The walk will be around 7 km. The forecast for this Thursday is good. A few clouds but mostly sunny and nice temperatures.

We will meet at Luteva at 9:50h for a 10:00h depart. If driving the D148 from Lodève you see the small sign to Rabejac on your left  just a few hundred meters before the junction to Lac Salagou.

If driving the route from Lodève via Cartels (to Octon) you follow the sign to the right (Rabejac, les Hémies and Mas Delon, D148). After about 100 m you see the small sign to the right to Rabejac.

After the walk Brigitte, who lives in Rabejac, invites us for a drink at her house.

Leaders: Brigitte and Dorine


Yuanji Dance Classes for seniors – now on Fridays!

For those walkers who want some more exercise in their week, the 462 Centre in Lodeve proposes a Friday morning class of Yuanji Dance, 10.30 – 11.30 am. This is great fun and helps loosen the joints, reinforce the cardiovascular system, and strengthen memory and balance. It has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Going, Tai Chi etc.

For more information email celiahukins@yahoo.com


Walk from Luteva along the Soulondre and the Belbézé area.

This week we organise a short walk from Luteva along “la Soulondre” and after that we will go a bit uphill to the Belbézé area. At the other side of the road to Olmet (D148E1) we will descend to Lodève again. It is a circular and rather easy walk. Distance about 4 to 5 km. Maximum ascent (and descent) is 100 m. We expect to be back at Luteva around noon or a bit later.

Meet at Luteva at 10 minutes to 10 to start the walk at 10 o’clock.

Dorine Oppermann