1 March 2018 – Rain & Snow

The current forecast is for heavy rain on Thursday, following on from snow overnight. There will be no walk unless there is a significant change in the forecast!



25 January 2018 – Drizzle

It looks as though this Thursday is going to be one of those gloomy high pressure days with continual drizzle being blown on a stiff wind, all over the region. So no walk is being proposed.

If the forecast improves substantially by Wednesday then there may be a further announcement!


Walks for November

The following walks are proposed for the five Thursdays in the month ahead.

  • on 2nd November Jenny will lead a walk from St Jean de la Blaquiere up to the dolmen.
  • on 16th November Dorine will lead a walk between Belbezet and La Defriche.
  • Andrew will lead an all-day walk from St Guilhem around Les Fenestrettes. This is a long walk involving a significant climb (400 m) up to the cliffs overlooking St Guilhem.
  • We are planning a walk of about 6 km from Lamalou-les-Bains, but the precise route has not yet been explored.
  • The walk from Octon to lake Salagou, which we have done several times before.

The actual order of the undated walks will depend on the weather. As always, there will be a specific announcement of the details of each walk.


Forward Planning

The following walks are proposed for the next few weeks.

  1. An easy walk of about 6 km to Canals on the Guilhaumard Plateau – we should catch the late orchids.
  2. Anabelle will lead a walk of about 9 km in the forest at Nogaret, near Roqueredonde.
  3. An all-day long walk, probably the recently re-opened circuit from Pegairolles up to the Escalette and back via Camp Rouch.

As usual, any proposals for later walks will be most welcome.