Walks in May

The following walks are planned for the next three weeks:

  • 16 May – St Privat and Les Salces, led by Ben and Pam. There will be two versions of this walk, long and short, so that no one will be excluded!
    Ben and Pam invite all walkers to a light lunch at their house after the walk. If you intend to come and are not a habitual walker, please let Pam or Andrew know in advance.
  • 23 May – Orchids on the Guilhaumard plateau, led by Andrew.
  • 30 May – Brenas and the upper Salagou valley, led by Sandrine.

25 April 2019 – Rain

The low pressure system that is bringing the current wet weather is forecast to hang around until the end of Thursday, with a final flourish on Thursday morning. So no walk this week.

Forthcoming walks

Now that spring is approaching we plan several walks to find local wild flowers. Over the next couple of months I hope to include:

  • 2014-04-10 13-08-50Daffodils above Soubes
  • Cherry blossom near Villemagne
  • Irises at Cantercel
  • Fritillaires and tulips on the Guilhaumard
  • and then we will be into orchid season!

I also hope to include a couple of longer, harder walks before the weather gets too hot, including the ascent of Mont St Baudille.

Ben plans to lead a trip to a coastal area to observe birds during the nesting period, in May or June.

Please feel free to make your own proposals for specific walks, as we are always happy to receive suggestions, long or short, easy or strenuous.


26 January 2019 – Wine Tasting

Esmee Sargeant has organised a wine tasting session in Montpeyroux, this Saturday at 10:30. It will be held at the Domaine Villa DonDonna, 2 Place Francoise Villon, 34150 Montpeyroux. All walkers are welcome.

If you want to attend then you should go directly to the Domaine on Saturday (in the middle of Montpeyroux, near the Cave Cooperative). However, it would be helpful if you could advise Esmee of your presence, by e-mail. Her e-mail account is on Gmail.com, and the mailbox name (before the @) is her full name without any punctuation.

31 May 2018 – Postponed

The forecast for tomorrow is for a continuation of the thunderstorms of the past few days. So I think it is best to postpone the planned Orchid outing to next week (and hope that the weather will be better). That also gives me the chance to check that we have a good crop to explore.

If it should turn out to be sunny tomorrow morning, we will do a walk from the Luteva Cinema.