Forward Planning

The following walks are proposed for the next few weeks.

  1. An easy walk of about 6 km to Canals on the Guilhaumard Plateau – we should catch the late orchids.
  2. Anabelle will lead a walk of about 9 km in the forest at Nogaret, near Roqueredonde.
  3. An all-day long walk, probably the recently re-opened circuit from Pegairolles up to the Escalette and back via Camp Rouch.

As usual, any proposals for later walks will be most welcome.


Some strenuous walks

With the cooler weather we will propose a few more strenuous walks over the next few weeks, all with significant climbs. These will probably include:

  • Pic de Vissou – this climbs about 200m to the windy peak overlooking Cabrieres.
  • L’Estagnol from the Herault Gorge – about 250m climbing on very stony paths.
  • Cirque du Bout du Monde – a circuit from Gourgas, led by Jenny.

As usual, any other suggestions for walks are always welcome.

Walks for October

We hope to undertake the following walks in October, not necessarily in the order listed.

  1. La Couvertoirade, including looking for mushrooms.
  2. Around Fozieres.
  3. Above Gourgas.
  4. South of Nebian, with a Basalt riverbed and a Roman Villa.

As usual, each walk will be announced with a separate blog post.

Proposals for subsequent walks are always welcome.

Andrew, Dorine & Jenny

Autumn Walks – Opportunity

Now that autumn has definitively arrived it is time to start preparing a schedule of walks that we want to undertake. This is an opportunity for everyone to make suggestions for walks that they would like to do, or to propose their favourite walks for others to share.

To make a suggestion (or other remark) please e-mail me directly or make a Comment on this blog post. Over the next few weeks we will build up a list of likely walks for the next few months, and while we already have many ideas (including walks that we have done before) it is always good to have new suggestions. This is particularly true if you feel that the group misses out on some part or aspect of the local area that you would like to explore further.