28 December 2017 – Le Caylar

This is an easy circular walk of about 8 km on the plateau, starting at Le Caylar.

2017-12-28 routeIt is forecast to be sunny this week, but cold and windy, with the temperature only just above freezing and a significant chill factor. We propose a flat, circular walk of about 8 km, from Le Caylar in the direction of Le Cros. The walk is in largely open country on the plateau, along a mixture of very quiet roads, tracks and some stony paths. It goes up and down a bit, with one steeper stony section, but there are no climbs.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50 ready to leave at 10:00. The walk itself will start from the parking area next to the church in Le Caylar at about 10:25. We should be back in Lodeve by 14:00.2017-12-28 12-41-56

We discovered this to be a beautiful walk on a snowy but sunny day. The air was cold, but the sun was warm when out of the wind.

Organiser: Andrew
Distance: 8.5 km
Bring: Warm clothes


21 December 2017 – Nebian

This is a relatively easy walk of about 5 km around the hills above Nebian. We have done this walk several times before, the last about 2 years ago. It is mostly on good tracks and quiet roads, but involves some stony paths and a little bit of climbing.

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Next Thursday is forecast to be mostly sunny but windy. We propose to repeat a walk around Nebian that we have done several times before. It is about 5 km, mostly on tracks and quite roads, though with one section on a stony path. The total climb is about 120 m.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50, ready to leave at 10:00. The walk will start from the main car park in the middle of Nebian at about 10:25. We should be back in Lodeve by 13:00.

Organiser: Andrew
Distance: 5 km, 120 m climb

Walk near Mérifons

This week we plan a walk near Mérifons/Mas Canet. The walk is about 7,5 km on mostly flat roads. We will also have to walk a bit on a road with an occasional car passing us. The weather forecast says there will be a good chance of rain. In that case the walk will be postponed to the following week.

The area where we will walk is quite open, so the wind can blow freely. Be prepared to wear warm clothing.

We will meet at 9:50h at Luteva to leave at 10:00h. In case you want to go directly you can park just outside Malavieille (coming from the direction of Octon) at the junction of the D8E3 and the D8E4.

Marianne and Dorine

7 December 2017 – Portiragnes Plage

This is a circular walk of about 9 km, all at sea-level, involving the beach, a nature reserve in marsh-land, and the Canal du Midi.

The walk this week will start at Portiragnes Plage, led by Ben, with bird-watching opportunities. The first part of the walk is along the beach, then on to a path leading through a nature reserve, where there will be good chance of seeing some interesting water or wading birds. The next leg is along the Canal du Midi, with the canal on one side and marshes on the other, then along the road back to Portiragnes Plage. It’s all flat and easy walking. Bring binoculars if you are interested in watching the birds.

As this is a fairly long walk, and a long way away, we will stop for a snack in the middle. The weather is forecast to be warmer, with some sun and not much wind.

As usual we shall meet at the Luteva Cinema at 9:50, ready to leave at 10:00. The walk itself will start from the Tourist Office in Portiragnes Plage at about 11:00. To get there directly take the D612 (either from the A75 or from Vias past the airport), then the D37 past Portiragnes. At Portiragnes Plages turn right at the roundabout with the flamingoes decorating it, direction Plage Ouest. At the next junction, go straight ahead towards Plage Est. The tourist office is just along there, set back on the right, with plenty of space for parking. We should be back in Lodeve by 15:30.

Leader: Ben
Distance: 9 km
Bring: Snack, Binoculars