Walk for Life – Email from the CSF President

I have received this email, rather delayed in copying to you all while I found out how to accomplish it, from the President of CSF but I feel it should be addressed to all those who took part or supported us with sponsorship.

Dear Jenny

I am writing on behalf of Cancer Support France-Languedoc to thank the Lodeve Walkers for the fantastic 770 euros raised in sponsorship for the Walk for Life in September. As you are probably aware, the event raised over 8000 euros, but equally importantly will raise awareness of CSF in the community through the 200 participants.

As president for CSFL, I can assure you that contributions such as yours are an essential element in helping to make our organisation run. They enable our volunteers to maintain the level of support that CSF can provide to those who find themselves in need of our services.

Thank you again on behalf of CSF-Languedoc

Yours sincerely


Graham Luck

President Cancer Support France – Languedoc (Hérault, Aveyron)


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