Walk from Soumont


The weatherforecast is not very promising. May be it will be too wet, but may be not. Like last week the weather forecast was not good either. And I heard you had a nice walk without a drop of rain. So let us see…..

The walk starts in Soumont. As you enter the village you have some parking places at your left hand. The walk starts at that point.

We will walk in the direction of the “prieuré Grantmont’, but we will pass the buildings and go south/westwards. The walk continues uphill a bit, some places a bit steep, but not too difficult. We will also descend, but again, not a lot of steep parts.

The last two kilometers are going uphill. This is a steady climb, but it is not steep.

The walk is about 7 km. Because of the climbs and descends it will take a bit longer than usual, so bring some snacks and/or food with you. We expect to be back in Lodève between 13:30 and 14:00 hours.

We meet 5 minutes to 10 o’clock at Luteva to organise the “covoiturage”. We will leave at 10 o’clock.

Marianne and Dorine


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