5 May 2016 – Maison de la Nature, Lattes

All-day walk with birdwatching

The forecast for Thursday is that it will be warm and sunny, and the wind will have dropped, so we will undertake the planned walk at the Maison de la Nature, at Lattes. The reserve associated with the site extends over towards the Etang de Mejan, and it’s fresh and salt-water ponds are home to many varieties of birds of all sizes, from warblers to storks, with flamingoes on the Etang. 2012-05-10 12-50-12 c

The reserve is about an hours drive away from Lodeve, so this will be an all-day walk: bring a picnic lunch. And binoculars and bird books!

Dogs are not allowed within the reserve area. There is an area outside the reserve where dogs are allowed on a lead, and it might be possible for part of the walk to be in this area. Anyone who is considering coming with a dog should contact me directly to discuss what the options and arrangements might be.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50, ready for departure at 10:00. To get to the reserve we go to Montpellier, follow signs to Palavas but turn off the D986 into Lattes, then follow the signs to the Maison de la Nature. There is a designated car park about 600 m before the reserve, and we start the walk from there. We should be back in Lodeve by 17:00.

The walk is completely flat, on tracks or boardwalks (no wet feet!). We shall probably walk between 6 and 10 km, depending on what takes our interest.

Leader: Andrew

Distance: 6 – 10 km

Bring: Lunch, binoculars, bird books, sun protection



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