10 March 2016 – Etang de Vendres

All-day walk from Vendres to the Sea, beside the Etang

This week, we propose a walk that will probably take about three hours, and it’s about an hours drive away. So bring a picnic.

We drive to Vendres, which is a small town on the edge of the Etang de Vendres, just down the coast from Valras plage.

The walk starts at “Les vestiges”, at the end of the Rue du Temple de Venus, just outside the village. We walk along the edge of the Etang down to the coast, to the estuary of the river Aude. We then continue up the river about two kms to the weir that separates the freshwater from the seawater, and end the walk there.

This is not a circular walk, so before setting out, we  have to leave one or more cars at the end of the walk to ferry the drivers of the other cars back to the beginning. While this is happening there will be an opportunity for the other walkers to observe birds on the Etang, or to have a coffee!

The walk is 9 or 10 kms, mainly flat, and on small lanes. There is one part where we would walk up about 25 metres to get a good view over the marshes. This area is particularly renowned for it’s bird life, so bring binoculars if you have them.

As usual, we will meet in the car park by the cinema at 9:50, ready to set off at 10:00. Anyone planning to drive directly should aim to be there by 11:00. According to Google Maps, a good route is to take the A75 to junction 63, then take the northern ring road around Beziers, which becomes the D64 and continues on to Vendres.

Leader: Ben


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