3 March 2016 – Grezac Oppidum

Ascent to the Oppidum and the Dinosaur footprints

This walk is from the main car park in Lodeve up to the Oppidum, which is to be found just under the high cliffs above Grezac. A display panel showing this and other walks is located at the top of the car park.

2016-03-03 11-41-31The first part of the walk is straight up the hillside, offering good views back across Lodeve – it is a well-established path, though not always well-maintained, and always up hill! The final part up to the Oppidum is a little more difficult and does involve a bit of clambering. At the top there are various display panels about the pre-roman occupation of the site, and the dinosaur footprints can be seen on the nearby rocks. It is also a good place for a rest after the climb.2016-03-03 12-32-18

After descending from the Oppidum, we returned via the Fontbonne track and Payssials le Bas, but various alternative routes are possible. The overall distance is about 7km, and the initial climb rises about 300m.

Leader: Andrew

Distance: 7km



One thought on “3 March 2016 – Grezac Oppidum

  1. Andrew, I plan to be with you on the 3rd, and suggest that on the way back we walk past our house and those who want it can pop in for a beer, a soft drink or a tea/coffee. A bientôt, Martin


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