Plans up to Easter

Forward Planning

Following discussions over the past week we have set up a plan for the walks to be undertaken  for the next few weeks, until Easter.

  • 25 February: Dorine will lead a walk around Castelnau-de-Guers, near Pezenas: this has already been announced.
  • 3 March: Andrew will lead a walk on Grezac up to the Oppidum and dinosaur footprints: We have done this walk before but not for several years.
  • 10 March: Ben will lead an all-day outing to Etang de Vendres: this is near the coast, beyond Beziers, and has bird-watching opportunities.
  • 17 March: Dorine will lead a walk finishing at Belbeze: with an invitation to lunch.
  • 24 March: If the weather develops as expected, Andrew will lead a walk to see early spring flowers on the plateau, perhaps at Cantercel.

That takes us up to Easter. We now have a good list of long and sportiv walks to undertake, but we still need suggestions for shorter and easier ones – don’t hold back!



One thought on “Plans up to Easter

  1. That is a very impressive list.
    Unfortunately I will only be able to do two of them as I am away. And I realise that my knee hasn’t recovered enough for tomorrow’s walk.
    I feel like a caged bird….especially with all these interesting walks on the horizion.

    I really appreciate the effort you have put into this.

    Thank you



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