25 February 2016 – Castelnau-de-Guers

25th of February – Walk from Castelnau-de-Guers.

The walk this week will be in the area east of Castelnau-de-Guers, which goes through the vinyards and the ‘garrigue’ to the ruins of the ‘l’hermitage Saint-Antoine’.  The walk is mainly flat, about 10 km. The weather forecast is good for Thursday, with a little bit of sun and not a lot of wind. But bring a jacket as 6 degrees C. in the morning is still a bit cold.

As usual we shall meet outside the Luteva Cinema at 9:50 ready to depart at 10:00. For those who prefer to go directly we shall start around  10:30/10:40. The leaflet says the walk starts from the parking at the graveyard in Castelnau. But I can’t find that on the map. So I will give you the right parking area on Wednesday 12 noon at the latest on this post.

We should be back in Lodeve by 13:30/14:00h.


I checked the startpoint of the walk today. It is indeed at the parking of the graveyard. There are signs which lead to the graveyard in Castelnau.


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