Opportunity – Suggest a Walk

We have been walking together in this group for more than five years (since Phyl first suggested it in 2010), and this Blog (set up by Celia) has been operating for over a year. We have 32 registered readers, and the walks are usually well-attended – 18 people and 3 dogs for the last one.

Many people have contributed or suggested walks over the years, but recently most suggestions have come from me or from Celia. Celia has now decided to withdraw from the group, at least for the time being, so we need some more input for suggesting and/or organising walks. Some people have already offered suggestions, and we do have a list of potential walks (many repeats of previous walks, and some new ones), but more are always needed.

This is an opportunity! People often say to me how much they enjoy discovering new walks with the group. Now is the time for you to allow the rest of the group to discover your favorite walk(s)! You can send suggestions to my e-mail address or by adding a Comment to this post.

Please don’t hold back – suggesting a walk does not mean that you have to lead it, though that is always an option, as is editing the announcements and write-ups on this blog.



3 thoughts on “Opportunity – Suggest a Walk

  1. We are going back to the UK now as we have a few family things that have happened, but would love to suggest a walk in the springtime when we return. I see that our dog would certainly be welcome so I will let you know when we are back and will offer a walk or two. We usually go out walking every day and around once a week we come over towards Lodeve. Best wishes. Pam, Martin and Phoebe the dog. .

    Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 12:53:02 +0000 To: pamcsmith@hotmail.co.uk


  2. It’s with regret that I hear that Celia is leaving the group, but I can understand since it has been her and you, Andrew, who have taken it on to choose most of the walks, which is, actually, quite a lot of work and responsability. Although we have never personally imagined participating in all the walks as we have, like quite a lot of other members, numerous other activities, we would like to continue to participate as much as we can. It’s a very “sympa” little group and it would be a shame if it folds!
    We have been a bit out of action recently, starting with Pam breaking her foot last November, and me subsequently falling down some stairs in January, cracking my big toe, effectively putting me out of walking action as well. We are just about OK now, so I would like to propose a walk for the near future.

    We would drive to Vendres, which is a small town on the edge of the Etang de Vendres, just down the coast from Valras. It’s about an hours drive.
    We would start the walk at “Les vestiges du Temple de Venus” and walk along the edge of the “etang” down to the coast, and to the estuary of the river Aude. We could then continue up the river about two kms to the weir that seperates the freshwater from the seawater, and end the walk there. Before setting off from Vendres, we would have to leave one car at the end of the walk to ferry the drivers of the other cars back to the beginning because it is not a circular walk. It’s much too far to walk around the whole “etang” so this is why we would have to do this.
    The walk is 9 or 10 kms, mainly flat, and on small lanes. There is one part where we would walk up about 25 metres to get a good view over the marshes. This area is particularly renowned for it’s birdlife, so bring binoculars if you have them, and since it’s quite a long way, it would be advisable to bring a picnic.

    We can do this walk any time after 5th March, and it would be preferable if there was some sun and not too much wind.

    All the Best




  3. Hi all walkers

    I would like to suggest that all persons who walk regularly take their turn to organize a walk. This (schedule) has to be organized too, but we could discuss a schedule at the beginning or at the end of a walk each month or so. It asks some commitment, but it gives also opportunities to explore the area.
    Everybody should know at the beginning of a month if he or she is able to organize a walk.

    I found on internet some nice walks in the surroundings, with a change that we did those walks already, but that does not matter. We will repeat walks anyway, because the area has limited possibilities anyway.

    The only thing is that some walks I see on the internet are longer than we usually do. Around 10 to 13 km. A bit more challenging. I would like to suggest to have some longer walks now and then. For example one per month.
    I am curious to know what the general thought is about this suggestion?

    See you at the walks.


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