Lodève walkers blog – one year already!

The blog has been running for over a year now, so it gives us a useful review of walks we have done.

From the home page you can view walks done by month (right hand side), view the index terms used for the walks (left hand side) or just search for something that interests you using the search box on the right hand side.

To view the blog go to  https://lodevewalkers.wordpress.com

What was your favourite walk? Please add a comment to let us know. And also – what walks would you like to do? You don’t actually have to lead them yourself but it would be good to have some new ideas. Note that on the right hand panel of the home page there is also a section “Links to other websites for walkers”; you might like to explore these. They include for example



and links to leaflets of walks from the Tourist Offices of Clermont L’Hérault, Lodève and St Guilhem le Désert


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