5 November 2015 – Le Puech Dolmen – Update

As a result of the September rains and the top-up this week, the path up to the Dolmen from Le Puech is not in good condition. In many places the surface of the path has been washed away, so that we are left with either mud and gravel, or bare and slippery rock with running water. In addition it is necessary to jump across several streams that cross the path. In my view this is too difficult for most of the walkers, and we should leave this route for the spring or summer.

So the walk will be changed, but will still go to the Dolmen, because it is an interesting walk. We will walk from Le Puech to Mas Delon and then on to where the marked path meets the road. The ascent from this side has similar problems, but is not as severe. So there is still a lot of climbing (rising about 200m) and rocky sections to negotiate, but no streams to jump. However, strong footwear is a necessity. On the top the path is often very wet and boggy, so your shoes need to be waterproof (unless you like walking in soggy socks). The descent to Le Puech will be by a track, which is boggy at the top and muddy at the bottom, but not a difficult walk.

This walk is considerably more challenging than any that we have done recently, so if you think that you can manage it, please come well-prepared.



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