25 June 2015 – Aniane Railway

tunnel exit

Continuing our investigations of former railway tracks in the area, we left Aniane by the GR 653 and returned along the old railway line which used to be the route from Gignac to Montpellier.

The route took us through a railway tunnel. As we approached it we heard the roar of something approaching. Could this be a train? But no; it was a car!


As the track curves inside the tunnel it was completely dark in the middle and we needed torches. But in the end there was light at the end of the tunnel…

The walk started in Aniane and did a circuit around the hill of La Lauze.


It was mostly on country roads and tracks and was mostly quite level and open, though there was one section of about 1km which was a footpath through woods, with one short part which was a rather steep and stony descent.

On our return to Aniane we took a short tour before heading back to Lodeve.

Aniane arch

Aniane street
Aniane fountain

Distance: 7km

Leader: Andrew


30 July 2015 – Vieux Chemin de Poujols


Always something new on the Thursday walks. There was some strange wet stuff in the air when we woke up (I think it was rain) so we postponed the walk at Saint Saturnin as it’s one to do in better weather, and followed a familiar route along the Vieux Chemin de Poujols. We took a detour to find a pretty spot by the river – a tranquil place to pass an afternoon. On reaching the bridge before Poujols, we retraced our steps – things always look different when you’re going in the other direction. A refreshing walk after the heat of the previous month; pleasant company (6 people) and pleasant conversation.

Leader: Celia

16 July 2015 – Grezac with Butterflies?

The proposal this week is to walk to the upper levels of Grezac (beyond the houses), to the grassy areas where there is a good chance of seeing  a good selection of butterflies.

The total walk is about 7km, and the first 3km is all uphill, climbing (slowly) about 300m, but the forecast is for slightly cooler temperatures and a light breeze, so, starting at 9am, this should be feasible. We will walk from the Luteva, up the Fontbonne road, then joining the GR to the upper levels. From here the return is all level or downhill, including passing a restored capitel.

Please meet as usual at the Luteva Cinema a 8:50, ready for a 9:00 start on foot. We should be back at the Cinema by 12:00.


9 July 2015 – St Jean de la Blaquière

2015-07-09 10-28-27 sA short, circular walk starting from the square in St. Jean de la Blaquière and taking about an hour and a half, allowing time for observing wildlife and views. 2015-07-09 09-42-51 cWe left the village towards the North roughly following the line of the Marguerite. After crossing the river we walked along the ridge and followed the Cartorenque before turning to cross the Marguerite again returning to the village via the Jardins and the Place de l’eglise.

Leader: Jenny

Photos: Andrew