4 June 2015 – From Soumont to St Michel de Grandmont


A record 22 people came on this walk; some old friends, some new, some people who are only here part of the time. We appreciated the shady parts of the walk as the sun was hot. We started off from a spectacular viewpoint above Soumont, with views over Lac du Salagou.

looking at viewView from table d'orientation

We made our way along a shady path,
then along a section on the road with views towards the sea, and down to the Abbé of St Michel de Grandmont, passing by the side of their deer park. We didn’t have time to visit but those who wanted to can return at a later date.

St Michel de Grandmont

Before rejoining our original path, we walked along a ridge which is used for climbing and bouldering.


We thought the stone spiral was fairly recent!

At the end it was time to admire the view once more.

We just made it back to Lodève for our promised 1.30 return time.

This would be an interesting walk to do at a different time of year. It is part of a longer 12 km walk, details of which can be found at
Distance: 6 km
Leader: Celia


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