21st May 2015 – Orchid walk from Canals

This was a circular walk from Canals on the Guihaumard plateau, similar to one we had done several times before, an easy walk of about 6km, on paths and tracks in open country. Canals trackIt included an area where many varieties of orchids can be found (as well as other flowers). On the day the wind was strong, so it was very cold in the (many) exposed areas. In addition, the vegetation was lush and a track shown clearly on the maps did not exist on the ground so we had to strike out around fields of growing crops to join two sections of the walk.

Purple OrchidSpider OrchidAt the orchid area we found many species, though some found it too cold to stop and examine them in detail. Purple and Military orchids (and their hybrids) were the most common, but we identified about 10 different varieties in all – a rewarding outcome, though in a good year you would expect to find a lot more. anemoneIn addition, we found a hillside covered with purple anemonies (Pasque flowers).

Distance: 6km

Leader and Commentary: Andrew

Pictures: Andrew and Phyl


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