23 April 2015 – Beside Salagou

Salagou view
There are many walks to do around Lac du Salagou, and many people will have their favourite. This week we chose one well known by several. The lake always looks different depending on the weather and time of year. On this occasion the lake was full.
Starting from the car park by the camp site at Les Vailhés, we followed the path by the lake and then went up by the ruined chapel (closed at the moment),

We turned right when we reached the track, pausing for a break by the “organ pipes” where we admired the basalt rock formations


As always, there were good views of the lake on the return journey

Salagou view
Salagou view

We continued through the village of Les Vailhés to return to the car park

Les Vailhes

Et voici les infos pour les francais!

Many thanks to Mike for the photos
Distance: 9 km
Leader: Celia


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