26 March 2015 – A walk from La Tamarissiere by the Canal du Midi and the Hérault


The highlight of this walk, for those interested in birds, was the sight of four Black Winged Stilts feeding on the marshes. These beautifully elegant birds have just arrived back from Africa to breed. We also saw a flock of Mediterranean Gulls on the estuary. These gulls, although not rare, are often confused with the very common Black Headed Gull. The former has a really velvety looking jet black head during the breeding season, whereas the head of the Black Headed Gull is actually dark brown.

Starting at La Tamerissiere, we walked along the beach to the channel cutting across into the sea just before Vias. We continued along to the Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi

A sunny spot for lunch…

Picnic spot
After lunch we followed some rather muddy paths


returning to the Hérault river, which we followed until it got to the sea.


Leader: Ben
Distance: 8.5 km
Thanks to Ben for the comments and to Mike for the photos


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