19 February 2015 – Cirque de Moureze

Some went to the top..

The ones who were at the bottom had time to stand in the sun, look at the shapes of the rocks and admire the spectacular views.

Stand and stare

Enjopy t  eview


Another view

Worth another a visit and a longer all day walk. (Routes available from the office in the car park)

Distance: variable
Leaders: Phyl and Celia

Thanks to Mike and Dorine for the photos


12 February 2015 – From Adissan round the Plaine de l’Etang

Many interesting things on this walk. An outstanding trompe l’oeil
trompe l'oeil

and a chapel on a hill – Chapelle de la Roque


The Plaine de l’Etang is a low ridge within the Herault Valley, between Adissan and Aspiran. There were views from the plain to the hills on all sides.


We returned through the vineyards to Adissan.

Towards Adissan

Route: follow the link here
Leader: Andrew
Distance: 6 km

Thanks to Martin and Mike for the photos

5 February 2015 – Around Conas

Conas has the chateau which you can see from the autoroute as you drive past Pézénas. Our route took us round the vineyards, passing by an interesting converted mill on the Hérault.


On a cold blustery morning 12 hardy people turned out for the walk. As we drove from Lodève towards Pézénas the temperature rose from zero to 5 degrees – and when we got to Conas the sun was shining.


The instructions for our walk said you could enjoy the shade of the plane trees at the end. Not needed for us today, but maybe worth bearing in mind for a summer walk.
(Note also: these instructions were written before the autoroute was built!)

Conas map

Distance: 6 km
Leader: Calia

Source of walk:
Autour de Montpellier; balades pour petits et grands
Godon, Alain et Bringer-Chaudesaygues.Libris 2005.

29 January 2015 – Up the hill behind SuperU and nearly to the Virgin

Lodeve panorama
This was a familiar walk for some of us. You follow a rocky path up the hill and are rewarded with panoramic views of Lodève – not bad even if it’s misty or raining.

We didn’t follow the last bit of the path up to the statue of the Virgin as it was getting wetter by then.


The catkins were a cheerful sight, reminding us that Spring might not be far away.



Leader: Andrew
Distance: 6.5 km

See the route on Google maps