Who are Lodeve walkers?

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We are an informal group of friends of many nationalities who walk on Thursday mornings. We usually meet at 10.00 am outside the Cinema in Lodève and aim to return to Lodève by 13.30.

Some of the walks (those directly around Lodève) start from the cinema, but usually we arrange car-sharing (covoiturage) to get to the starting point. We decided some time ago that passengers should contribute €2 per walk to the driver towards fuel costs, regardless of the length of the journey.

Please register to receive weekly announcements about the next walk, or check back here to get the latest information. The links provide details of previous walks.


4 thoughts on “Who are Lodeve walkers?

  1. Hi,
    We will be in the area on the 3rd November and would like to join you on your walk. As we are looking to move to the area and like to walk this would be a good opportunity to get to know the area and people.
    Best regards,

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  2. Bonjour. I live on the vieux chemin de Poujols. I am interested in your walks. I am 81 going on 82 reasonably fit but not really in the right condition to climb mountains. Val Wake

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    • Dear Val,
      Thanks for your interest in the group. We try to indicate quite clearly each week how challenging (or not) the walk will be. So I always include the distance, the amount and difficulty of any climbs, and the nature of the paths that we will be following. If you look over some of the past walk announcements you will get a taste of the style of walks we undertake. We do occasionally climb mountains, but not at all often! The walk this week (yet to be announced) will be near Cabrieres, about 7km, all on quiet roads, and only gentle climbs. The distance is about equivalent to the circuit along the Vieux Chemin towards Poujols, then back on the track the other side of the river, this side of the motorway.
      Hope to see you on a walk soon, Andrew

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  3. I loved the circuit I did with you and the group on 24/5/17 near Canals ending amongst the orchids. I’m looking forward to joining you again.

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